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Little kids have big emotions. And it's hard. Hard for them to process their feelings. Hard for you to know how to react to them. Mad to Glad was written to take the guesswork out of those situations, and help the kids in your life handle their feelings healthily.

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Want to dial down stress levels at home or at school? Find out how you and/or your children could work with me. Results include: increased confidence, less anxiety, and more calm for the entire family. (Even if you’ve never practiced mindfulness or meditation in your life…)

Who Am I?

I’m Angie Harris — no-fluff mindfulness coach, meditation practitioner, and children’s author.

I’m also a nature lovin’ girl with a big laugh and warm personality, straight from the Jersey Shore.

I’ve spent the past 7 years coaching thousands of children and adults in 1:1 sessions, in-person workshops, and online. I take families from stressed out to chilled out, and turn raging emotions into feelings of strength and calm.

What I Do

I use ancient meditation practices and strategies backed by modern scientific research to create incredibly simple mindfulness trainings that can be done in just minutes.

These trainings teach you how to respond to situations around you and also to your own emotions in healthy, non-judgmental ways.

I make mindfulness and meditation work for your family wherever you’re at, so that handling hard emotions and behaviors becomes 10X easier.

What I Offer

I use mindfulness to help prevent stress, anxiety, and other strong emotions (such as grief) from blocking a child’s ability to learn and love being in the world.

I also work with parents, educators, and other adults to set up both themselves and the kids in their lives for more emotional resilience and confidence.

Why Mindfulness Matters

Guest Author Mad to Glad

Mindfulness isn’t airy-fairy — it’s a 100% practical tool that can help you and your family get a healthier handle on your emotions.

You don’t have to drastically change your life to start being mindful — you can start being mindful right now, as you go about your everyday activities.

(Yes -- you can meditate on the move, and even practice mindfulness as you brush your teeth!)

Every human being has the capacity to be mindful — even busy, 21st-century human beings! If you’re ready for your life to be less “drama drama drama” and more “I feel stronger and happier”, see how you could start using it.

Read the Book

Mad to Glad Cover

Angie Harris is the author of Mad to Glad: Simple Lessons to Help Children Cope with Changing Emotions for children between the ages of 3-7. Mad to Glad teaches children Mindfulness lessons in a fun and interactive way to increase their focusing abilities.

Take the Courses

Self regulation with the Calm Jar

You and your child can take the signature online course, Confident Kid 101: 4 Weeks to a Self Resilient Child & Parent and experience:

  • Less stress
  • Improved self view and feeling of confidence
  • Increased sense of well being
  • ...and much more!

Attend a Workshop

angie harris

Mindfulness has profoundly helped educators, students, parents, athletes, corporate employees and executives manage emotions more effectively. I am honored and excited to share it with you too, through both live and online workshops designed for your specific needs. Please click here to learn more.


"This book will be a huge asset in getting your child to focus and teaches him Mindfulness lessons in a non-critical, helpful, and interactive way.

The lessons in the book include using physical movements to change negativity into positivity, using his imagination and dreams to reach goals, using praise and unconditional love to boost your child's self worth and confidence and teaching him to stay in the present moment.

The book will help your child feel better about himself and in control of his life which will empower him to be the best that he can be.”

~ Marilyn Panton

Reading Specialist & Consultant,
Head Book Reviewer at Storywraps

“This book (Mad to Glad) is truly a gem!

As a Stress Management and Mindfulness Coach, books such as this are hard to find. Sharing these skills with very young children is a powerful way to ensure that they will grow up more aware of the role they play in understanding what it means to live a balanced, and emotionally healthy life.

The 21st century is complicated, fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming, and this book is a valuable tool in helping children get in touch with the softer, slower and sweeter side of their world.

The book is written in such a way that children really enjoy it, each time it is read to them, over and over again. I bought quite a few copies and I give them out as a gift to my clients that have children or grandchildren. Love it!”

~ Judy Banks

Stress Management & Mindfulness Coach

“Mad to Glad teaches our children how to think. Mad to Glad is an easy to read book that teaches children how to recognise what they are feeling. It then gives them the tools they need to overcome the negatives in an easy, loving and simple way. Its positive reinforcement of self worth makes it a delightful read and a very useful tool for parenting. Angie Harris is a Mindfulness Master who is truly making a difference. As Mindfulness Coach, I often say that we need to teach our children 'how to think' not so much 'what to think' and this book delivers big time!”

~ John Shearer

Mindfulness Coach


"I had the great pleasure of working with Angie Harris both with our students and our parents at Alphabets Preschool Center. Angie brought her mindfulness program and her wonderful warm personality to our site through the Asbury Park School District and we were all rewarded with calmer, more present selves.

I recommend Angie and her program to anyone who wants to help children (or themselves) be more relaxed, have less anxiety, and be able to better self-regulate (control their own behavior).”

~ Esther Piekarski Lysaght

Director, Alphabets Preschool Center, Inc


"Angie Harris has volunteered her time to lead our community of substance abuse survivors in mindful meditation. I noticed such a big change in them once they learned how to be present. The tension that is so commonly present in substance abuse treatment had dissipated as a result of her teachings and their continued practice. We were very grateful to have her here.”

~ Megan Kelly

Senior Residential Clinician,
Endeavor House

“The Peace Rose Montessori School had an amazing experience with children's book author and Mindfulness Teacher Angie Harris. The children enjoyed hearing her read her story Mad to Glad which includes mindful movement and teaches coping techniques for strong emotion in an interactive and fun way. The teachings are perfect for young children! We all fell in love with this amazing woman.”

~ Carmen Sylvia Melendez

Founder & Director,
The Peace Rose Montessori School