The Integrated Mind

Back to School is over. Why are my kids still stressed?!?

In this mini mindfulness training video, Angie Harris, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, gives 3 simple and powerful tips to help your child ease back into the new schedules and high expectations that back to school brings.

1 – Time after they leave school.

The immediate time we encounter our children after school is an important time to frame the rest of the day. Allow this time to be a parenting safe zone for your child, by being an active listener above the desire to discipline perceived wrongdoing.

2 – Allow space for strong emotion.

This doesn’t mean that you agree or encourage temper tantrums. Just as we adults need a decompression time after work, our children need to be able to have a natural rise and natural de-escalation of strong emotions that come with stress like frustration, fear, anger, sadness, nervousness, lethargy…etc. Correcting these emotions with discipline adds another layer of strong emotion to the space…our own!

3 – Outdoor time.

To state it simply, put the screens down and get outside for as little or as long as your schedule allows. Nature provides a “brain break” for our little ones…and for us! Screen time will amp up strong emotions while the great outdoors naturally settles it.

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