The Integrated Mind

Change the Story in Your Head to Happy

At Home Art Help to process big emotion living in our bellies

Watch as Kieren, 7, and Angie Harris, Certified Mindfulness Instructor help to change “the story in my head” to one that serves, not one that gets us feeling stuck.

Children experience things that they do not enjoy and find unpleasant every day.

We can support them in processing these unpleasant experiences of thought, emotion and physical sensation by asking them to draw out what they felt, and then asking them to draw out how they wanted to feel.

While the child draws, ask them to pay special attention to how they feel at the time they are drawing….what do they smell, what do they see, what do they hear….

No matter how much you want to parent during this exercise….go back to your own breathing and what you are noticing inside you as you notice your little one process big emotion through drawing.

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