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Children & Adversity

5 Questions & 5 Affirmations to Ease a Parents Frustration

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Journal the questions in bold, then repeat the associated affirmation 3 times. Repeat this exercise anytime you experience frequent strong emotion associated with your child’s reaction to adversity. Repeat the affirmations even if you do not believe them to be true. With time, your perspective toward the affirmation and the associated situation will shift. Allow the shift to unfold on its own timeline.

1. What are three words to describe your child’s overall emotional reaction to adversity?

Affirmation to repeat after journaling:

“Emotions are like waves in the ocean. They can roll out as quickly as they roll in, so I attach to none as I witness them all.”

2. What does a typical day look like for your child and their emotional reactions to their day?

Affirmation to repeat after journaling:

“My children were created THROUGH me but not FOR me. I allow them to be them.”

3. What are YOUR biggest frustrations as it pertains to your child’s daily emotions?

Affirmation to repeat after journaling:

“I am a human being, deserving of a natural human experience that includes feeling all types of emotion. I allow myself to feel without judgment.”

4. Why do you think this has been a struggle for you?

Affirmation to repeat after journaling:

“I release the thought patterns that are attached to this struggle.”

5. If I could wave a magic wand and get your child to respond to any adversity the way you want, what would that response look like?

Affirmation to repeat after journaling:

“I allow life to unfold on its own timeline without judgment.”

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