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Ease Mom Stress in 3 Steps

All moms feel stressed while raising their children. ALL. MOMS.

Read this 3 step system to start thriving in the midst of the mom storm, and hear Angie teach the 3 Step System here.

Have you ever felt like a group of people get you? I mean really get you, with all of your sunshine and your storms….they still get you as they smile and say, “Want to meet for a tea?” This type of connection is absolutely irreplaceable for a mom, and I have been fortunate enough to feel it a few times, in a few various places in my life. Most recently, I was reminded of this special bond over some gluten free cookies and lemonade. All three were awesome by the way; the cookies, the lemonade, and the bonding.

Last week, I had an invitation to breakfast with a group of moms who know me quite well. They know me, they get me, and I get them. We aren’t the same, we don’t all agree on everything, but we just get each other….and here’s why.

Our children all attended preschool together, from ages 3-7. For many of us it was our first go at preK with our first born children. We were excited, stressed, confused, hormonal, hungry, exhausted, overwhelmed, and really proud of our children’s milestones each week….all at the same time. This rollercoaster ride of a shared experience connected a group of women from all walks of life. My preK experience extended into my professional life as well, as I had a unique opportunity to teach the children of our preschool mindfulness each week. These moms got to know me, my husband, my children, and have seen me in action as a professional Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) teacher. I joked with them often that it was like I was celebrating a constant “Bring Your Kids, & Your Friends, to Work Day” each time I taught mindfulness at our little preschool.

Fast forward a few years and our children are mostly out of preK. Fast forward to today and our children are mostly enjoying different schools, various activities, and a multitude of interests. As we sat and solved the problems of the mom world over sugar-free banana bread and caffeinated everything, we discovered we still share the common experience of mom stress. Even me, the 20-year meditator, who teaches stress reduction in schools, hospitals, and corporations. I too, get stressed. After all, to be stressed is a shared human thing. “To the degree that I have felt stress is to the degree that I am connected to and understand your stress”, as the Tonglen Meditation for transformation goes.

3 Steps to DeStress Video

3 Step system to ease common stress triggers for moms.


Step 1: Find Your Breath

What I am directing here is to experience breath, not think about the experience of breath. The difference is one uses the senses, and one doesn’t. Smell the air as it enters your nose as an inhale. Feel the oxygen leave your mouth and lips as it exits your body as an exhale. Listen to the sound of your own breath.

Breathing is not silent if we pay attention to it in this way. Breathe like this, every time you feel anxiety, and the stressful story in your heavy head WILL calm down, your head will become lighter, your shoulders will lower….because this stuff is 3000 years old and proven to work, but you have to actually do it mom. So do it now. (I said that in my strong but warm demanding tone, you know the one, because you have one too)

Step 2: Feel Your Feet

What I am directing here is to experience the physical sensations of feeling your feet on the ground, not thinking about your feet. Descriptive words like pressure, cold, soft, and hard are in line….not words like gout, callus, too big….you know what I mean

Step 3: Listen to Sound

Your own breathing can be such an effective grounding tool. Breath can be felt, heard, tasted, smelled and if you look at your belly rise and fall as you are breathing…or if you are in the cold air….it can be seen too. Listen to your own breath in this moment right now. (I said that in my strong but warm demanding tone, you know the one, because you have one too)

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