Sometimes, it can feel like the world is out to get us.

As if nobody likes us and nothing is going right.

And when children feel that way, those emotions often manifest themselves in separation anxiety, difficulty sleeping, temper tantrums, and tears.

As a parent, those behaviors can be difficult to cope with — and hard to watch your kids struggle with.

This free “May I be loved” audio gives you a strategy for handling those emotions and making them less likely to arise in the first place.

Drawing on an over-3000-year-old mindfulness practice, and updating it so that it’s easy to incorporate into a modern kid’s routine, this 68-second-long audio can be listened to each night before your child goes to bed.

You can use it to —

  • Surround your child with a language of love and reassurance
  • Bond with your child and soothe their fears about being apart from you
  • Help your child feel more confident when they perform activities on their own or do things outside your home
  • Calm and comfort your child so they sleep better and worry less

If you’re ready to help your child feel more empowered to learn and love being in the world, subscribe to our newsletter and grab your free audio right here: