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Goal Setting Boards for Kids, A Powerful Family Craft

Goal Setting Boards – Vision Boards

Build confidence and teach positive goal setting with this awesomely powerful family craft, Goal Setting Boards – taught by Certified Mindfulness Instructor & Author, Angie Harris

How to create Goal Setting Boards with your Children

What you need:

A piece of paper, scissors, tape, markers, construction paper or poster board (old cardboard boxes work great and help the planet?) and old magazines.

What to do:

✔Label the plain sheet of paper “Favorites Sheet”
✔The “Favorites Sheet” sets the positive tone of the craft, and is used as a guide in case the child gets “stuck”
✔On the Favorites Sheet, ask your child to write their favorite colors, their favorite time of day, their favorite things to do in their free time, their favorite places…all things that make them feel happy and joyful
✔On the Favorites Sheet, ask your child to write a few words to describe them, when they are at their best selves.
✔Flip through the magazines. Cut out and attach to the poster board any images that make you feel a sense of joy, accomplishment, success, and happiness

While Making your Goal Setting Boards

?Notice what emotions and physical sensations you are feeling as you view all of the different images.
?Be kind to yourself! There are no wrong choices and you can always shift your board around….make your board a living and breathing thing that grows and changes as you grow and change!


I invite you to share a photo of your child’s goal setting boards with us. I’ve found that children love to see examples from other children. Please post on our Facebook page with #GoalSettingBoards.

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