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HAA Breathing for Mindfulness for ALL

I recommend that you teach your children HAA breathing and you can use it too. It’s a simple, calming tool to help get through a stressful situation.

Breathing exercises are used to create mindfulness, they can be used for self-regulation, emotional regulation, or simply to get through a tough situation. However, it is equally as important to simply practice breathing exercises throughout the day. The HAA breathing technique is simple and fast.

Sitting Deep Breathing Practice

Watch this video by Angie Harris to quickly learn a breathing practice that you can do any time during the day! Remember to breathe in through your nose like you’re smelling something and breathe out of your mouth with the H.A. “ha” sound. (Which is why we call it HAA breathing)


We call this powerful breathing practice HAA Breathing and it is SO POWERFUL! I use this special exhale every time I find myself feeling attached to the “waiting” or “bored” feelings, which for me lead quickly to frustration, impatience, and agitation. Allow HAA Breathing to occupy and distract your precious time from waiting to enjoyment! Much love!

“My children were so impatient and frustrated each time they needed to wait for things. Then Angie taught us how to do HAA Breathing. Now they have something positive to focus on and return to, no matter where they are or what we are doing! I use it too!”

Kathleen, a mom of 3
mad to glad

If you have young children you might want to also look at my book “Mad to Glad: Simple Lessons to Help Children Cope with Changing Emotions“.

More mindfulness instructions and breathing exercises in our online classes on Teachables!