The Integrated Mind

Mindfulness and Grief at the Holidays

Do you know someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one?
Do you wish you knew how to support them better, and with more understanding?
Are you experiencing the pain and sadness of losing someone close to you?

Angie Harris, Certified Mindfulness Instructor and Grief Peer Specialist reviews:

?Why some friends dislike holidays

?How a person who is grieving may feel this time of year

?2 specific ways you can help someone you love to feel comforted at the holidays, or any time of year

?If it is YOU that needs comfort from suffering the loss of a loved one, how YOU can support feeling heard and felt at this hard time

Angela Harris also presents workshops at Stephy’s Place, a grief center in Red Bank, New Jersey. The workshops teach mindfulness to people who have gone through a significant loss; mindfulness for stress reduction, mindfulness for grief, and mindfulness to thrive within losing someone or something which was extremely important to you.

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