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Mindfulness Workshops by The Integrated Mind

The Integrated Mind Mindfulness Workshops

The personal practice of a mindfulness teacher is very important to their teaching. Personal practice informs each workshop. I am an extensively trained Mindfulness teacher with 20 years of practical personal experience. My professional training includes the year-long certification program at mindful schools, and ongoing training through UMASS Medical School, Garrison Institute, Omega Institute, and Insight Meditation Center. Over the last two decades, I have been blessed to share meditation and self-regulation practices with thousands of parents and educators, and tens of thousands of children. I do not ask of you to try anything that I have not extensively researched, studied, and practiced to support my own development and healing.

Mindfulness has so profoundly helped educators, students, parents, athletes, corporate employees and executives manage emotions more effectively. I am honored and excited to share it with you too, through the following mindfulness workshop offerings:

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    Mindfulness for Students

    Mindfulness training for students, inspired by the research backed Mindful Schools curriculum

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    Mindfulness for Educators

    Mindfulness training for Students & Educators to increase kindness and increase emotional regulation in the classroom

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    Mindfulness for Parents

    Mindfulness training for the whole family to increase kind communication and support interfamily connection

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    Mindfulness for Athletes

    Mindfulness training for the athlete of all ages to reach peak performance and unlock barriers

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    Mindfulness in the Workplace

    Mindfulness training for employees and administration to decrease stress & increase morale

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    Mindfulness and Grief

    Mindfulness offers a sanctuary for those who are experiencing grief and loss

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