Mindfulness for Athletes


“Practicing Mindfulness is a form of brain training. Brain train each day as part of your athletic routine. Practice Mindfulness as an Olympic athlete trains in their sport; the Olympian practices even when they don’t want to because they know it is necessary for their success. Believe that mental preparation is paramount to achieving your goals, because it absolutely is.”

~ Angie Harris

Mindfulness for Athletes Workshop

The Mindfulness for Athletes Workshop shows athletes how to reach peak performance and unlock barriers. They will learn how to implement mindfulness training in their daily routine.

Athletes need to train physically AND mentally to succeed. An athlete’s performance is based on their preparation, their mental attitude, and on their belief in the ability to succeed. The absolute need to perform under pressure is ever-present for the elite athlete. The ability to put ever-present distractions aside and focus on the task at hand is paramount to an athlete’s success, or failure.

Mindfulness training in an athlete’s daily routine will support them in the following areas:

  • Decreased performance anxiety
  • Increased focusing abilities
  • Increased belief in own abilities
  • Increased resiliency
  • Increased time management skills
  • Healthy stress management tools

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