Mindfulness for Educators


“The cup of the modern educator needs to be replenished through dedicated self care practices in order to offer continued support to their students. One must practice compassion for the self to offer compassion to each student. This is the space that needs to be held for mindfulness.”

~ Angie Harris

Mindfulness for Educators Workshop

All workshops are custom designed to introduce and teach educators how to implement these powerful practices to their students of all ages and abilities. Workshops can be tailored to fit your exact time frame from 45 minutes to a full day and beyond. At the conclusion of all workshops educators will walk away with a turn-key curriculum that will enable them to introduce these life changing tools and concepts in their classroom and in their own lives that same day.

Topics included are:

  • What exactly is Mindfulness?
  • How does Mindfulness work?
  • How does Mindfulness fit into the existing school culture?
  • A demonstration and participation in Mindfulness practices appropriate for any classroom, any ability, and any age group
  • Increased kindness in the classroom through Mindfulness
  • Increased focus and concentration through Mindfulness
  • Increased self-regulation through Mindfulness
  • Successful implementation of Mindfulness curriculum
  • Sustaining Mindfulness in the classroom

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