Mindfulness for Parents


Mindfulness for Parents Workshop

Imagine stress free parenting without feeling judged and inadequate. Every parent wants to be happy, calm, and connected to their child… but how? As a mother, I have experienced feelings of extreme overwhelm and stress. As a meditation teacher, I have experienced how powerful Mindfulness is to easing the imminent anxiety that comes from the common parenting juggling act of trying to balance it all.

The Mindfulness for Parents workshop provides intimate knowledge of how and when to use these practices in the family setting and beyond. Start today and rewrite your parenting story.

In this dynamic workshop parents will learn:

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • How to practice Mindfulness themselves
  • How to use Mindfulness to support the already existing family culture
  • How to better family communication through Mindfulness
  • How you use Mindfulness as a tool for increased family connection

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