Mindfulness for Students


“Walk the mindful walk and talk the kind talk.”

~ Angie Harris

Mindfulness for Students Workshop

Inspired by the research-backed Mindful Schools curriculum, the signature Mindfulness for Students Workshop has been taught to thousands of students successfully, from all walks of life. All of our instructors are Mindfulness practitioners and Mindful Schools trained teachers.

The curriculum is covered in 16 class sessions, each lasting 15-minutes, twice a week for a total of eight weeks. This very short amount of time is by design and ensures that – for those 15 minutes – the participants can be engaged and enthusiastic. All abilities served from Pre-K through to the college-age student.

Workshops are designed to teach students how and when to implement these powerful practices to help them stay focused, manage stress and overwhelming emotions during their school day and beyond. The manner in which the information is presented is tailored to each age group and learning ability.

Mindful Schools lists the following benefits of continued Mindfulness practice in the classroom:

  • Increased empathy
  • Increased kindness toward self and toward others
  • Increased focused and concentration
  • Improved management of toxic stress
  • Improved management of compulsive busyness and impulsive action
  • Improved management of ruminating thoughts
  • Improved management of an inflated sense of self

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