Mindfulness in the Workplace


“Imagine work, without the stress of “the work”. Imagine going to work and managing all colleague and customer communication with a sense of ease and comfort. Mindfulness practice supports an organic separation between workplace tasks and workplace stress through releasing the emotional attachment to the outcome of experience. This is why I teach Mindfulness for the Workplace. Work feels a lot less like suffering and lot more like a life experience that may even be…dare I say it…pleasant.”

~ Angie Harris

Mindfulness in the Workplace Workshop

Mindfulness in the Workplace is simpler and easier than most corporate wellness programs where you go to a gym, get a 5 minute chair massage, or have free fruit in the breakroom. It requires no equipment and is always available to all of your employees.

The Mindfulness in the Workplace program is delivered through an organized, clear, easy to follow presentation at your site or through an e–meeting. Each presentation is tailored to the specific concerns of your industry. For instance, are the employees inside or outside? Are they mostly on their feet? Are they on the phone all day or dealing with customers frequently?

Topics covered are:

  • Efficient time management
  • Positive management of stress
  • Positive communication
  • Increased self regulation
  • Increase individual morale
  • Maintaining focus while multitasking

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