Online Mindfulness Courses

The Integrated Mind has created a virtual classroom with online courses and coaching sessions on Teachables. Mindfulness courses for teachers and parents. You can enroll in the courses and participate at any time – there is no class schedule. We are mindful of your time.

Mindful Teaching 101: A Mini-Course for Teachers to Do Less, Accomplish More


It’s time to feel less stressed by your teaching, and use mindfulness to help yourself and your students flourish. Enroll in this online course to transform the way you approach your classroom. Course Enrollment.

The Focused Family Course: Practice in Paying Attention

FOR Mama & Me, KIDS ages 3-12 (all ages welcome)

Children are constantly being told to “Pay attention!”, but do we ever really teach them the specific art of paying attention? We assume that our children know how to focus, however with so much happening around them at all times, it is not easy, even for the most mature of our little ones. Enroll Online Mindfulness Course.

Bringing Calm to the Family Room, Board Room, and to the Classroom
Bring calm with you wherever you go!

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