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PODCAST: Eliminate Back to School Stress with Mindfulness

The Mindful Mom Revolution Podcast

Angie Harris was thrilled to be invited as a guest on The Mindful Mom Revolution Podcast! She was asked to speak about using mindfulness to reduce or eliminate back to school stress.

“Angela Harris is not only an amazing human being, she is an outstanding Mom and one of my favorite Meditation Teachers.

In my new PODCAST (yay!!) she offers incredible advice for managing the BIG emotions that come along with school season.

Major a-ha moments as Angie shares how we’ve all been conditioned to do and over-due during this time of year. “

~ Dena Farash, from The Mindful Mom Revolutions

Listen to the Podcast

Mindfulness Tips for How to Approach Back To School

  1. AWARENESS: Be aware of where the stress is coming from. Be aware of marketing messages. (Name it to tame it.)
  2. EMBRACE IT: One thing you can always be sure of is that “change will happen”. In this case, try to embrace the back to school changes – it’s actually an exciting time in your kids life.
  3. GET BACK INTO YOUR BODY: Help your children tame the anxiety by getting back into their body. Have them notice where the anxiety is in their body and practice breathing into the area where anxiety is. Read Four Steps to Manage Fear.

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