The Integrated Mind

Rollercoaster Breathing


Teach children how to control their breathing patterns with the Rollercoaster Breathing technique.

Certified Mindfulness Instructor, Angie Harris invites three awesome kids to demonstrate emotional regulation with ROLLER COASTER BREATHING.

Short, powerful, helpful, and super simple….this video will help your kids go from Mad to Glad. Practice with the kids that inspired the top-selling book Mad to Glad, Simple Lessons to Help Children Cope with Changing Emotions, by Angie Harris.


5 Star Breathing, Rollercoaster Breathing, Breathing the 5 Points….all names to describe 3 minutes of self-regulation awesomeness by these stars.

This technique is great for children, it is simple to remember and easy to do. But anyone can benefit from this breathing exercise. You can do it when you have a quiet moment alone, or you can do it in public without attracting attention to what you are doing. Learn how to trace your fingers, breath in, and out – and self-regulate with this simple breathing practice.

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