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Single Pointed Focus


Practicing Paying Attention

Having the power to pay attention to the object of my choice offers endless possibilities, emotional regulation, and FREEDOM from being overwhelmed.

Focusing on what we like can be easy.
Focusing on what makes us uncomfortable, stressed, or what we don’t like … can feel impossible.

Adults and children of all ages are feeling stressed from the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you remain focused when you are stressed? How can you learn to focus? PRACTICE… that is how. Good old fashioned practice. In this simple but powerful video, Lila and Angie teach you how to practice paying attention with mindfulness and the Single Pointed Focus meditation .

Single Pointed Focus VIDEO

This video is 8 minutes long. Moms should do the Single Pointed Focus with young children, or do the practice for themselves. Anyone can benefit from this mindfulness practice.

The little girl in this video, Lila, is an inspiration as she practices focus. She embodies strength, she is strong, fierce, and resilient. She is also sweet, gentle, and willing to listen. And she has something to say!

I have taught some amazing children. THEY TEACH US. EVERY DAY. THEY TEACH US. Let us practice being aware, just enough to be able to recognize the lessons that are being dropped right in our lap.

Angie Harris – The Integrated Mind
Daily practice WILL increase your overall concentration abilities, but you have to do the work!

Focus Focus Focus AUDIO

This audio is less than 5 minutes long and will offer a variation on focusing practice above.

Focusing on things we like is easy. But what about focusing on things we do not enjoy? Is this easy or hard? Usually, it is HARD and requires practice and attention to improve. We created this simple and powerful audio to support you and your child’s focusing abilities. This 5-minute practice is designed for children and will keep their focus and attention. Play it daily during breakfast, during lunch, or on a car ride but remember to PRACTICE WITH THEM! Adults need to improve their focusing abilities too! Here is the link to the audio file on our YouTube channel.

“She was unstoppable, not because she didn’t have failures and doubts, but because she persevered despite of them.”

~Beau Taplin

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