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Take in the Good

Skills for Staying Positive and Living Your Best Life

Manage strong emotions and stay positive with this self-care activity journal for teens ages 13 and older.

Take in the Good” by Gina Biegel and illustrated by Breanna Chambers is now available on Amazon!

A great book by a Mindful Schools colleague…❤️ Best of luck Gina Biegel! Thank you for your work with our children.

This book is a compilation of Gina’s 15 years of MBSR-T work with teens. Gina says that the goal of this book is to take mindfulness and elevate it to the NOW WHAT.

“Once you are mindful, where do you choose to put your attention on the positive–take in the good, or on the negative–the negative selection bias.”

Gina Biegel

From the author: When you feel completely stressed out by your crazy life, it often helps to channel your energy into a project or activity to shift your focus from the negative to the positive. This activity journal contains 50 fun and focused art projects, writing prompts, and exercises to help you find ways to feel more calm, confident, resilient and able to take care of yourself and manage your emotions. This journal will also be an invaluable resource for teachers, guidance counselors, and therapists to use with young people in a group or academic setting.


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