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The Great Kindness Challenge

The Kind Acts List

Listed below are 10 acts of kindness, but with a twist.

Since we all have found out the hard way that we MUST be kind to ourselves in order to have the energy to show up as our best selves in this world for everyone else…this list includes a mindful approach to kindness.

First, show kindness to self

Then we will be able to show kindness to others

  1. Smile, every time you see your reflection
  2. Smile at 25 people throughout the day
  3. Write a kind note to yourself with dry erase marker on your mirror
  4. Slip a kind and appropriate note to your friend or family member
  5. Compliment yourself 5 times
  6. Compliment 5 other people
  7. Wear your favorite color
  8. Ask a friend something special about themselves, like “What is your favorite color?”
  9. Thank yourself, with a heart full of gratitude, for showing up every day
  10. Thank a loved one, with a heart full of gratitude, for showing up every day

Loving Kindness Meditation Video

Angie teaches a kindness practice called, LovingKindness meditation

For guided meditations, safe for the whole family, or to work with Angie directly, visit Angie’s online course offerings at The Integrated Mind Academy