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Learn About Mindfulness

Awareness 101

Are you wanting to practice mindfulness, but have no idea how?

Are you a parent who would love to implement mindfulness into your kid’s lives, but do not know where to begin?

Are you an athlete or a performer who struggles with pre-event nerves, and would love to learn how to chill out?

Are you ready to shift how you manage all of the daily “STUFF”?

In this simple and concise video, Angie Harris, a Certified Mindfulness Instructor shares a powerful practice to support awareness …. simply stated the more aware we are, the more choices we have as to how to respond to what is happening around us.

For more support, check out our YouTube channel, our Blog, and our online mindfulness courses on Teachable.

PLUS one on one mindfulness coaching with Angie from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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