Mad To Glad

Kids reading Mad to Glad

The Mad to Glad story

Hi, I’m Angie Harris and I wrote Mad to Glad: Simple Lessons to Help Children Cope with Changing Emotions.

But I had some help.

About a decade ago, I noticed that life is tough for our children. Life is fast, and confusing, and emotional maturity is expected far before the body’s natural development allows for it. So, I set out to teach mindfulness to children to help them deal with these unreasonable demands, their strong emotions and the attachment to “stuff” that our culture fosters.

In this pursuit I interacted with tens of thousands of children, I taught them, I breathed with them, and…

…they taught me. Through these lessons Mad to Glad: Simple Lessons to Help Children Cope with Changing Emotions was born.

Additionally, teaching these children watered the seed that made that book grow into a full curriculum for teaching little ones how to manage big emotions.

Through lessons like the May I Be Loved list, children begin to believe that they are never truly alone; even when they are physically away from their family, like at school or camp. Through continued practice of the Mad to Glad lessons, children can tap into the natural human coping mechanisms that exist in all of us always. Lesson from Mad to Glad will help your child feel nurtured and secure, consequently, projecting confidence to the world. Talk about a game changer.

You can purchase “Mad to Glad” by Angie Harris on Amazon.