Online Mindfulness Courses

The Integrated Mind has created a virtual classroom by offering online courses. You can sign up for the courses and participate at any time – there is no class schedule. We are mindful of your time.

Frustration-Free in 3

We have three courses created specifically for families, teachers, and adults.

Bringing Calm to the Family Room, Board Room, and to the Classroom
Bring calm with you wherever you go!

Mindful Facilitation 101: A Mini-Course for Teachers

Doing Less in the Classroom to Accomplish More

Mindful faciliation and sustainability in the classroom
more about the Mindful Facilitation 101 online course

One on One Emotional Regulation Training for Families

Where Children Find Their Happy
more about the online course

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Coaching for Adults

One 25 Minute Virtual Training Session
more about the Mindfulness Stress Reduction Coaching for Adults online course

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