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Practicing Pure Performance

Mindfulness Video Below

Have you been able to perform when NOT on demand, but when a deadline popped into your mind….your mind went offline?

As a writer and speaker, this has happened to my countless times. During practice, I am able to access creativity and courage.

Then I get in front of smiling folks in front of me and……my mind looked, sounded, and felt like the game asteroids. Not good.

One of the ways I have relied upon mindfulness to help me perform better during times of stress is to practice during times of calm.

Yup. It is that simple.

Watch Kieren get connected to his football in a calm way. Watch me, Angie, get connected to my writers’ tool…my pen, in a confident and eased moment…..

This will allow access to calm and confidence when the game whistle blows.

This practice will allow training, balance, and insight to support performance.

In other words, the time to practice getting IN THE ZONE is when you are not. Practice when you are calm, again and again, and watch the zone flow into you.


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