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Quiet Your Mind with Body Awareness: A Free Meditation

Body Scan Meditation Audio on YouTube

Listen to this body scan meditation to quiet your mind through physical awareness

Access on YouTube

This 8 minute meditation is kept intentionally short in length to support all levels and ages in your family. Listen to the audio each night before bed to facilitate a restful sleep.

quite your mind with a free mediation

 As a survivor of strong panic and anxiety, I can personally attest to the power of awareness when it comes to physical sensation. Body awareness practice has supported a quieting of excessive mind chatter, that can be damaging and disruptive to one attaining their goals. I am a proud Mindfulness Teacher and 20-year practitioner due to the powerful practice of meditation. I am honored to share it with you.

Occupational Therapists have long known the positive effects of sensory exercises that encourage body awareness. The American Occupational Therapy Association lists the effects of body awareness exercises to positively “impact self-concept, emotional regulation, attention, problem solving, behavior control, skill performance, and the capacity to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships.”

Body Awareness can be practiced simply by listening to the audio included in this blog post. Begin today, practice often, and be kind to yourself through it all.

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